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What We Do Every Wednesday Night!

So it’s Wednesday night, and that means only one thing. . .

Mommy and Curly Cook time!

Each Wednesday, Paul, GingerSnap and Joy Boy have activities/meetings to attend, so Curly Cook and I make the night special.

First we read a book together and then we do something fun.

The book we are reading right now is actually pretty special. It is a rare copy, only 7 other copies are in the world and we own one of them.

Our copy is even a personally signed copy to our family!!!

Curly Cook and I are enjoying reading this book together. I’m actually looking forward to finishing the book in a few weeks and then letting the author know that we did. I hope he is happy!

Lately, after we read, we have been watching YouTube videos by “8 Passengers“. I’m pretty picky about what we watch on YouTube but I am okay with Curly Cook watching these videos WITH me. We can talk about how each family is unique but also a little the same. It also helps my kids see a bit of the culture that we come from.

I’m very grateful to have these precious moments with my kids. I miss having Joy Boy home but Curly Cook is making Wednesday nights SO MUCH FUN!

Happy Wednesday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I love that you do this! Libby and I did the same things on mutual nights until she got into Beehives! Now it’s me and Bryson and he doesn’t seem to want mommy time! 😂

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