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This Is What Friday Looks Like!

We are SO HAPPY to have the weekend upon us!

Everyone is looking forward to something fun to do this weekend. Curly Cook really wants to play with her friends today, and on Sunday she is looking forward to seeing the cutest baby at church.

Joy Boy would like to watch “Lion King”, attend a little boy’s birthday party tomorrow, and then on Sunday he is SUPER EXCITED to pass the sacrament for the very first time!!

GingerSnap would like to watch one episode of “When Calls the Heart”, eat potato chips, read for hours, and text/email her family and friends.

But first . . . we need to do what we do each Friday!

Family Devotional and a History class.

In Family Devotional we: sing a Primary Song (in English), begin with a prayer, go over Family Goals and Business, learn about a Prophet, work on learning something (memorize, listen to a General Conference talk, write in our journals or recite something we have memorized from the past), study a teaching pamphlet from our church, share a gospel message, read a poem, and then end with a prayer. We also take turns conducting.

My favorite part of Family Devotional is the poetry. I loved this poem today. The theme of this chapter is aging.

After Family Devotional, and usually after we grab a quick snack or sometimes lunch, we jump into our history lesson. I ADORE this history curriculum. I learn more each and every lesson, and that makes me feel so happy for my kids! I hope they will let themselves learn what is being taught, for it is truly a treasure mine.

Happy Friday!

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  • Allison Owen

    Wow one episode of When Calls the Heart! That is some self restraint! I binge watch that one! 😂. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

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