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And Life Goes On

Despite the sniffles, constant blowing of noses, off and on low-grade fevers, ear pressure, and now a slight cough . . .

Curly Cook and I were up and at ‘um today!

As I was waiting for Curly Cook to finish up her Literature/Art/Geography/Grammar lesson . . .

I enjoyed the late afternoon sunset from the library room window. Boy was the sky gorgeous tonight!

It constantly amazes me that by 6:00 it will become completely dark outside. So, I tried to really enjoy every last minute of the sun’s light tonight!

But first, I needed to help this kiddo finish her lesson. It has already been a full day!

It started when Joy Boy woke up with some sad news.

We think he has bed bugs.

At first they started out small, like mosquito bites, but now he just has too many. He also found a shell of a bed bug by his bed. Lovely. We will need to strip his room and wash everything. But not until I’m feeling much better.

He doesn’t mind. I said he could sleep on the playroom couch for now. He’s okay with that idea! Thanks Joy Boy!

With the little energy that I did have today, I used it to make pretzel dough with Curly Cook.

Then we invited everyone to come and roll out their own pretzels – one salty and one with cinnamon and sugar.

They were super easy and super yummy! I hope Paul gets the last two. 🀞🏻

Nighttime was closing in fast on this little one. We finally wrapped up her lesson, in time for me to get GingerSnap off to Young Women’s (Joy Boy is staying home. He too might bite the dust. Hoping he doesn’t. 🀞🏻)

But first we made a quick run to our local farmer’s market. They sell the freshest produce. Hallelujah! We needed some good celery. You know what I mean, nothing wimpy or skinny.

And just like that (at 6:54 p.m.) it’s pitch black and time to get my two littles off to bed. What a day!

Happy Wednesday!

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