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Ojo de Agua, Almuerzo, y una Charla

Today was a delightfully full day! As a family, we visited another ward in our Stake for their ward conference. This ward is called “Ojo de Agua” which means “Eye of the water”. Cool name, huh!

After church, we dashed home to welcome some new guests for almuerzo (lunch); an adorable family of one of Paul’s work colleagues. We had a wonderful visit together and all of the kids had fun too! Bonus! 👍🏻

Then after a quick rest (I literally passed out for 15 minutes 😴) and some music playing/family history working from the kids, we dashed again to Joy Boy’s first Charla (Youth fireside) at our Stake Center.

First we last-minute dropped off Curly Cook to Uncle Spencer and Aunt Sofia’s house. She had a splendid time going through all the gifts from yesterday’s baby shower.

While she had fun, we enjoyed a fireside about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. My great friend Fran translated parts of it for me! I SURE do appreciate her!

After the fireside, the kids enjoyed a refreshment outside with other youth in our Stake!

Someone didn’t want to be in the picture . . . Oops, I got you!

My friend Fran got Joy Boy by accident too! 😉. We wrapped up the night with our weekly “Come Follow Me” FHE lesson by Joy Boy and then off to bed. It was a full day but a GREAT day! 😅

Happy Sunday!

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