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My Favorite Sky

THIS is what I love more than anything!

When I look up at a beautiful, cloud-filled sky and see rays of light shoot from the clouds, allowing the sun to line the clouds with a silver lining.

Ahhh! It makes my heart so happy!!! 🥰

Because moments like these make me immediately think of all those that I love, who are in heaven, parting the veil for a moment and peaking through to say,

“Hello Wendi ! We sure do love you! Keep up the great work! You are doing better than you think!”

People like:

Our oldest daughter Kayleigh . . .

My sister Ashley . . .

My AMAZING Grandmother Floretta . . .

Her even MORE AMAZING grandmother (my great-great grandmother) Elizabeth Jane Russell. . .

And my great-grandmother Isabella Wardle (her name was misspelled in this article).

I treasure these sweet souls and I lean on them more than I realize. So I’m so very thankful for moments like these, that remind me that I am not alone . . . because if I am not alone, then neither are the ones that I love the most! My own little family!

I wonder who my family sees, peaking through the veil, cheering them on?

Happy Monday,

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