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New Changes Coming Our Way!

Yesterday was a good day!

We had a special visitor call us via Google Hang-out. It was totally unexpected, but hoped for. (

Elder Whitchurch said he could have had more email time, but he decided to call us instead.

Thank you! And, yes please!

We had a fun time asking him questions we have been wanting answered and hearing about how he is really doing on his mission.

But most importantly, just being able to look into his eyes and really see how he is doing, is what this mom really needed!

Tender mercies and miracles!

Then for our FHE Activity, we all went to see Fran’s new home remodel. Afterward, we celebrated it being ready to be sold by going out for pizza and salad! Yum!

My favorite flowers from my favorite Fran! Thank you for making me glad. ☺️

We had a FULL day!

Plus, we are on a “homeschool break” for the week (we do homeschool for 6 weeks and then we take 1 week off). So we are: catching up on sleep, reading, enjoying leisure time, catching up on unfinished school work, reorganizing our work spaces and getting away from the house. It should be a good week! Stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday,

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