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New Desserts Worth Trying

Well, the consensus is in . . .

We have 3 new desserts worth making again. We served them at the baby shower last weekend and the leftovers have been enjoyed enough to determine that they are a thumbs up! 👍🏻

Especially these Mini Fruit Pizzas!!! They are FANTASTIC!!! We love the balance of cookie, fruit, and white chocolate-cream cheese frosting. We are already looking for any reason to make them again!

These Caramelitas bars were a real treat! The combination of caramel, melted chocolate and oatmeal cookie really hit the spot. They make a great potluck item or FHE dessert.

But the Lunch-lady Peanut Butter Bars were too nostalgic to pass up. My friend Spencer and I thoroughly enjoyed them. They are light but hearty, flavorful but not too sweet, and the recipe fills an entire cookie sheet! This is worthy of a youth or ward activity treat!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Wednesday,

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