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The Reason We Visited Alice

Monday morning, Paul landed before I even woke up. His single propellor flight to San Isidro was only 30 minutes and left at 6:00 am.

Paul loved the flight and was happy as a clam to tour the property with the kids and hear a lot about our time spent at Alice’s Danish get-away. But before we could pack up and leave, Alice wanted to take us to the place that prompted this visit in the first place.

She took us 40 minutes, up into Costa Rica’s tallest mountains, to see a butterfly observatory and then indulge in non-dairy Italian Gelato, made by a Costa Rican young woman who studied in Italy and brought her trade back with her to Costa Rica.

We have already visited a handful of observatories over the years, but the unique thing about this one is that it is built to make you feel like you are actually outside with the butterflies, because of its mesh dome. 🦋

The kids had a lot of fun chasing after the butterflies. Curly Cook was the first to catch one, but sadly it was injured and its wings were falling apart. She sure had a gentle touch with it.

I enjoyed my time watching the butterflies flutter all about the gorgeous flower beds, while listening to my friend Alice tell us another one of her amazing stories.

GingerSnap would sit and listen to Alice, then she would get up and try to catch a butterfly herself. I’m glad she is still acting her age. She was quiet successful and caught a few. Then she used the incredible camera on my cell phone to take pictures of my favorite butterfly (the one on the leaves).

Then Joy Boy used the phone’s camera to capture the splendid colors that were all about us!!! Red, orange, yellow, green, fuchsia, and purple. It was a feast for the eyes!

Before we indulged in gelato, the kids each climbed to the top of a rope that was attached to a well built play set. The slides of the play set were crazy twisty and fast. The kids had a blast with Gabby and Kevin, who also joined in on the fun!

Then we each enjoyed a bowl of gelato: rich, dark chocolate; water apple; strawberry, fresh coconut pina colada, chicky’s cookies and cream; or pineapple with mint. Yum! Then we did our best to enjoy the fast, twisty, curvy, steep ride home without getting sick. 🤢

We made it back in time to eat lunch, visit with Alice one more time, pack up, and then drive the 4 hours home. We only stopped for Mommy to use the restroom twice. It was a long day but it went well. Alls well that ends well! 😉

Happy Wednesday,

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