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#TBT – March 16, 2018 – Grateful for the Opportunity (#112)

I’m on technology OVERLOAD!



I have felt like I have been pushed by the wind all day long.  Have you ever had days like this?  You wake up and before you can make a game plan for the day, you get going in places you don’t know you should be?l in?   I tried to put a stop to the “blowing wind” feeling but I found myself only getting pushed that much more.

Thankfully I have my daily routine to keep me on track.



As the day continued to feel OUT OF CONTROL, I kept turning back to my “need to do list” and focused on it.  But as the day progressed, I found that I still had that “out of control” feeling all over me.  I realized that I am just WIPED OUT!!


The last few weeks have been exhausting.  I self reflected and saw that I am only finding a few chunks of time each week to rest and recharge from our heavy, sometimes overloaded days.  It got me thinking, “Isn’t this normal to be so busy?  Isn’t it nice to have something you NEED to do each day?” 

Sadly, my poor mind and body disagreed.  They turned to a more simpler, “boring time” in my life . . . the time I had nothing else to do but to work on gifts and talents.



I immediately turned to look at the lower shelf of my night stand.  There I found a recent but forgotten friend.



It was dusty and hadn’t been touched in months.



It was my sketch book.



As I opened it up, my youngest daughter asked, “Can I look at your sketch book Mom?  . . . . Mom, will you sketch a picture for me?”



My heart sank.  Oh how I have already taken for granted that precious time I had, while SLOWLY recovering from my partial hysterectomy.  I thought those days would never end.  I also thought I was being so lazy.  Now looking back, I can see HOW BLESSED I was to have nothing to do but learn to sketch . . .




to draw with detail and emotion . . .


Mount Olympus in winter – painted August 2017


and to paint. I loved how I could use art to create . . .

(This is where I finish the post, over a year later)

. . . something beautiful from the homesickness, pain, or loneliness that I am feeling at that time. Writing pages and pages in a journal takes time to, first find the journal, and then navigate my handwriting to know what I am trying to say. But ART. . . it can say it all with just a few minutes of observing it.

I’m grateful today that I was able to look back and see that I have been blessed with positive ways to express what I am feeling inside. Now I need to put it into practice more often.

Mount Olympus in Spring – started painting it earlier this year, 2019.

Maybe I’ll finish this painting tonight, once and for all!?!?

Happy Throwback Thursday,

P.S. – I did it! I finally finished the painting!


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