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March in Pictures

I was scrolling through the photos on my phone, to take and look and see what I had failed to blog about this month, and found several pictures that I loved. So why not blog about them?

A favorite photo of our handsome missionary!

Sisters. GingerSnap gave Curly Cook some good advice one evening, about learning how to love reading. Sibling love is truly one of the BEST kinds of love! 💕

My incredible hair! Paul has FOUGHT for this hair for over 23 years! Sadly I have chopped it all off several times over those years, but it has grown back each time in beauty and splendor. I have no idea how long my hair will last, so for now, I’m going to cherish it!

One evening, while I wasn’t feeling so good, “I looked up” and found this AMAZING sunset. Although I was feeling dark and afraid on the inside, I was being surrounded in brilliance on the outside. “Faith! Fresh courage take!” this sunset said to me. “Okay!” I said back to the sunset, smiling.

Teaching my kids why I can say no to movies, regardless of age. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Our monthly reminder that we live in a foreign country. This was taken after Seminary, in Escazu. Pretty cool!

And the best blessing of the month was being able to be with these two and share in a special memory for Joy Boy!

Although March was a difficult month for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, looking back on it, I can see so many tender mercies were encircling me and telling me to enjoy the journey.

Here’s to striving daily to be more grateful!

Happy Saturday,

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