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Fast Sunday Family Movie Night – Whitti Wendi
Costa Rica,  Family

Fast Sunday Family Movie Night

Boy that’s a mouthful!

(Curly Cook playing with her Primary class after church.)

Tonight I’m grateful for Fast Sunday Family Movie Night. Each Fast Sunday we fast dinner the night before, as well as breakfast on Fast Sunday, so that we can serve the missionaries lunch after church.  So, to make fasting go a bit easier on our kids, we watch a family movie together. 

I’ll admit, it is difficult to find a movie that ALL of us will enjoy and won’t offend the Holy Ghost while we are fasting.  But in the last few years that we have done this, we have been blessed to find some good Family movies that we ALL enjoy. 

Tonight we watched “Bedtime Stories” with Adam Sandler. It was rated for ages 7+ on Common Sense Media. Maybe that is what I need to search for, from now on, so that I can more easily find the right movies to choose from? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m thankful for this FUN family tradition! It brings us JOY.  Not only because we get to watch a movie together, and finish our fasting off with a fantastic meal for the missionaries, but because we also work together to make the meal, set the table, take care of the house, while thinking of people who we feel fasting for them would bless their lives. It is the all encompassing “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” And I love it! 

(Curly Cook and Joy Boy playing together after a fantastic lunch with the missionaries, while Paul drives GingerSnap to Seminary 35 minutes away.)

I am so grateful that this idea blossomed somehow. I hope that this is something my kids will carry on in their future, with their own families.

As well as “7 Item Sunday!” This is what we had for dinner tonight. It was yummy! (Orange slices, polish pickles, Gouda cheese and crackers, cauliflower and Paul’s dip, gelatin with whip cream, an avocado with salt, and celery with peanut butter and Craisins.)

Happy Fast Sunday! 

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