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Mission Calls, Online Piano Recitals and Caribbean Food

We had a marvelous weekend!!! “Yes we did!” Silly GingerSnap 🤦🏻‍♀️😉🤪. We had two mission call openings (Cinthia – Costa Rica East and Stefanie – Guatemala). . . a sweet and tender funeral . . . 2 online piano recitals . . . I started to build my quilt blocks (how exciting!!), while kids played… Read More Mission Calls, Online Piano Recitals and Caribbean Food

Adventures, Costa Rica, Family, Homeschooling


We went to Kidzania today. The two youngest got passports. GingerSnap is almost too old to go, so she just got the credit card. It is literally a city just for kids. The kids were expected to work and earn kidzo (money), so they could buy experiences. What they earned went onto their own credit… Read More Kidzania


Fantasy General Conference

This conference weekend went by pretty quickly. I think it was because we had a little help from a fun new game called Fantasy General Conference. We received this game from Paul’s brother and his wife, Sunday night during FHE (family home evening via Skype). Our family immediately filled out our guesses so that we… Read More Fantasy General Conference