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Chocolate Frosting Swirls

Joy Boy has been craving chocolate.

So much so, he thought buying his friend a chocolate bar for his birthday was a great idea!

I suggested that we make him a chocolate cake instead. Joy Boy JUMPED at the opportunity. He told me that he has wanted to do this for quite awhile, but his older siblings always grabbed the chance. Now it was his turn!

He did a REALLY GREAT job! He made the cake batter, he cut the parchment for the pans, he put the cakes in the oven and took them out, he waited patiently to frost the cake while they became frozen in the freezer, he made the frosting, frosted the cake, AND he decorated the cake!

It was a big job but he was HAPPY the ENTIRE time that he made it. He was SO EXCITED to give the cake to his friend. I was excited for him. But I also felt my Grandma Wardle with me, and how excited she was that I was sharing this kind of knowledge with my own kids!!!

When the moment came for Joy Boy to give him his cake, he said that his friend’s reaction was even BETTER than he had hoped. I was there. I can testify that Joy Boy’s friend was SUPER excited and SO HAPPY to have his own “choke-oh-laaah-T” cake!

It was a good day. I’m grateful that I get to have moments like this with other people. I’m grateful that I am able to share my knowledge, experience, and talents to help others create their own opportunities. . . and for free. To think what others would charge to have an experience like this.

My cost was priceless! Literally!

Happy Wednesday,

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