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Meet Bekah!

**This cute girl in the middle is Paul’s cousin’s daughter, but I literally think of her as my niece. I love this girl!

I actually have loved her since the moment I first met her! (Kayleigh is the baby on the left. Bekah is on the right. Both are being held by their great-grandmother Phyllis Whitchurch)

(Kayleigh and I – Christmas 1998)

Bekah is just a month older than our daughter Kayleigh. Bekah has always mentioned having a bond with Kayleigh that surpasses the veil. I love that about Bekah, she is so sensitive to the Spirit! When I read her post last week, I immediately asked her mom if I could post it on my blog. I thought my posterity should know about this GREAT woman in our family! She is worth listening to!**

CHOIR” – by Sister Bekah Pitt – March 26, 2019

We had an adventurous week. It was a pretty unique one as well which is nice because it mixes things up a bit…not that we really needed more of that considering that we’ve been doing the whole two areas thing but it was still really good to have some different things to do. Despite the fact that I had to drive to Solihull, then Wales, then back from Wales, it was a good time. We had good tunes and delicious snacks (my favourites are the blueberry belvita soft breakfast bars OR the homemade trailmix we made) plus great company. All of those things make for a well-rounded road trip.

About a month ago Elder Cribbs, one of the Chinese speaking elders who is equivalent to Elder Michael Silva when it comes to beat boxing talent, asked me to be in the England Birmingham Mission Choir (it sounds super official but it’s really not haha). For those of you who know me really well, I am a choir gal, have been since I was 13, so I was really pumped. Shout out to Mr. Wright for helping me develope my love for beautiful choral music. Using my talents as a missionary always makes me feel more like myself. Plus, being around other missionaries with the same passions and talents boosts my motivation every time.

We had prepared two songs: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and “He Sent His Son”. When we practiced the first time I got even more excited because we actually sounded really good. I was especially impressed with the elders and how well they held their parts. When we learned that we would be performing at both multi-zone conferences, my excitement level climaxed and I was beyond grateful for the opportunity.

The spirit that those two songs brought to the meetings was almost palpable.

I had felt nothing like it before at a zone conference, even when other musical numbers were given. The Holy Ghost bore powerful testimony of the Saviour and I knew with all of my heart that I was in the right place.

God knows me.
Heavenly Father knows Sister Pitt.

He knows my talents and what I love to do. He knows that as I’m getting close to the last part of my mission, I would need something extra to keep me motivated. He knows how much I love to sing and feel the spirit so He put me in this little choir.

He also knows how I feel the spirit and what will impact me the most. The messages given at the conferences really helped me and motivated me. He knew that would happen. He did it on purpose. He. Knows. Me.

Brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, family members, homies, teachers, loved ones, or whatever you want me to address you as. Let me make one thing really clear for you. It’s as simple as I can possibly put it.


When I look back on my life I can see little events that come together in order for miracles or significant moments to happen and that’s called the signature of the Lord. I got that phrase from my mission president who got it from someone else and it’s one of my new favourite phrases. God knows us so well that He makes sure that everything that happens in our life is for our growth and personal testimony; making all of the pieces of the puzzle fit just right.
Even trials.
Even long days.
Even sad moments.
Even traffic that makes you angry (@myself).

In the end, everything will line up in just the right way that you’ll look back and be like, “Ohhhhhhhhhh I see it now. I see what you were doing. I understand the purpose behind that, that, and that.”

Being in the mission choir was one of those moments.

We just need to trust Him that we will get there. I promise you that if you work hard and be obedient to what Heavenly Father asks of you, then you’ll see the signature of the Lord in your own life. When it happens you’ll feel a prominent boost of love for Him, His power, and His devotion to you.

Sister Pitt

I hope you enjoyed the Spirit that she shared in her post, I know that I sure did! She is one amazing young woman. I look forward to watching her grow and develop into the incredible person I know she is meant to still become. Watch out world, Bekah is here!

Happy Friday,

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