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We went to Kidzania today.

The two youngest got passports. GingerSnap is almost too old to go, so she just got the credit card.

It is literally a city just for kids. The kids were expected to work and earn kidzo (money), so they could buy experiences. What they earned went onto their own credit card. Curly Cook LOVED checking “how much” was on her card. But she had a difficult time spending her kidzo money. For things like . . .

flying an airplane (zoom in on the last picture).

Or making your own package of cookies (again zoom in on the lowest picture 😆), or: slime, tortillas, bread, an ice cream bar, etc.

You could also buy (with real money) extra experiences, like: make your own pizza, a PF Chang’s meal, or a pasta lunch. We chose pizza today. 🍕 It was tasty.

Thankfully my friend Fran told us about the 2×1 (parents free) promotion for April, because we needed to used the discount we saved to buy all the other things we didn’t expect: passports, lanyards, a lunch experience and a bottle of water (for mom).

It was a great day! Right Joy Boy? (photo bomb!). We are ALL going to bed happily tired. 😴

Happy Wednesday,

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