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Easter Crafts 2019

We have been having a fun week! So much so, I have been too tired/distracted to blog. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry about that! But here is a post about some of the fun that we have been having this week!

We took our painted eggs and displayed them on an Easter tree. Joy Boy helped me create this. We absolutely love it! We painted our blown-out eggs a few years ago. We also wrote on them specific blessings we have personally received through our Savior. We have 3 eggs for Paul to write on. I look forward to reading what he writes.

We decorated for Easter by putting out our homemade Easter baskets, made by my wonderful mother-in-law. We also collected our “Easter in a Basket” eggs and put them all in one basket. 🤣 (get it!) We look forward to opening them during our special Sunday lunch.

Curly Cook and I went shopping for plastic Easter eggs for our family Easter egg hunt this Saturday. Sadly, they just aren’t popular enough in Costa Rica, so we could only afford to buy 2 dozen (at $9.00) 😱

We did find some foam eggs for cheap. We cut them in half and hid a Costa Rican coin inside. The lucky finders can get anywhere from a penny to a dollar. We’ll see on Saturday who has a pocket full of spending money. 😉

Yesterday, Curly Cook and I made this adorable sun-catcher. I hope we can make several more! I think it would be a fun way to welcome people into our home! I also love that we have an abundance of bright flowers to choose from! And for free!!

And last, but not least, our yearly decorating of hard-boiled eggs. Except this year we added cascarones to the mix. We will be using them all for something special this week. (Check back on a later post.)

So far, this week has been splendid. Throughout a lot of the world, people celebrate Semana Santa (or Holy Week). We love this week because the feeling in the community is one of family togetherness, reflection, truth seeking, teaching, learning, and rest from the cares of this world.

Many people run to the beaches, so that also gives us an extra special feeling of calm in the air. The streets are so empty. I love it! This week we sleep in, enjoy our days, but most importantly we make sure to make time to reflect on the life of Christ. I’ll share how we did that at the end of this week.

Happy Thursday! And Happy Easter!! ☀️

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