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Easter Family Day 2019

Today we reserved just for our family.

While the rest of Costa Rica was celebrating “Good Friday,” our family took a road trip . . .

to see the gorgeous Orosi Valley . . .

and Tapanti National Park. Thank heavens we are residents! It only cost us 800 colones each (around 1.33 per person) instead of $10 each (tourist prices).

We drove to the shortest hike that took us to this amazing river.

The kids enjoyed having their pictures taken.

So did we!

After some fun playing on the rocks, as well as throwing rocks into the river, it started to rain. So we headed home.

We made a brief stop at a hanging bridge that the kids and I have visited twice before, but it was Paul’s first time! Sad how one member of our family is always missing. (Thinking of you Elder Whitchurch 💕)

The trip was perfect. The drive gave us time to enjoy a new book together called “Esperanza Rising“. We got through 2/3rds of the book. I’m surprised my voice lasted that long. I’m actually grateful that reading out loud gave me a needed break from stressing out over traffic. 😉 We are eager to finish it. Hopefully we can drive as a family soon, so we can hear how this book ends.

Coming home to a pretty tasty trout dinner and then discussing tonight’s Come Follow Me, wrapped up the day for us all. We ended the night with enough time for the kids to watch a movie on the trampoline (sorry it rained on you kids!) and for Paul and I to watch “Second Act” (it was good. I give it a 7 out of 10.).

Now it’s time to go to sleep. Boy have we been sleeping-in a lot this week. I guess we have needed it. Here’s to an early night and another nice day tomorrow.

Happy Good Friday,

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