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Easter Ending – 2019

It has been an emotionally and spiritually fulfilling week. I’ll post all about it tomorrow. But for now, I want to end our AMAZING celebration of Christ’s triumphant resurrection with what we did tonight for Family Activity Night.

We are still trying to get the hang of encompassing the new “Come Follow Me” curriculum’s FHE lessons with our standard weekly FHE on Monday nights. For now, we do the “Come Follow Me FHE” lesson Sunday after lunch. Then on Monday nights, we have a family Activity night, something we are usually terrible at doing, so this IS a blessing.

Tonight, we finished up our 2019 Easter Wreaths while watching “He is Risen: A Sacred Easter Presentation.” My kids LOVED having the choir sing while they created, munched on crisp watermelon, and enjoyed freshly baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 🍪 This was a lovely end to a FANTASTIC week!

Happy Monday!

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