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Easter Lesson 2019

Truth moment – I am TERRIBLE at holidays, birthdays and special occasions. I stress out, get overwhelmed, and then if the littlest negativity is spoken, I get my feelings hurt. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜« It’s terrible!

But I pushed on this year because I know that these moments matter. They can create lasting memories, as well as (and more importantly) allow the Spirit to enter into our hearts. πŸ’•

So our family has been trying something new this year. It has been so new, that it is wiping me out at night. So much so, I’m forgetting to blog before bed. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

That’s okay. I decided to put this new plan into just one blog post. This not only made it easier for me to compile, but it also gave me the opportunity to have these memories imprinted into our hearts.

What we have been using this year is the “Come Follow Me” reading assignments for the week, along with a little additional help from this amazing book!

This cute website helped me find just what I have been looking for!

We already made these wreaths once, just a couple years ago, but I wanted to do it again! I wanted the kids to have something tangible to do, that would also help them connect with the stories and messages that were being shared each night.

As the days passed, we would simply add a new picture to our wreath, until it was completed.

We have very much enjoyed the lessons that were taught each day this week. They went as follows:

  • Palm Sunday – this day we built our palm leaf wreaths, as well as drew the first picture. It was of the donkey that bright Jesus into Jerusalem.

  • Cleansing Monday – we drew a temple, as we learned about the importance of the temple to our Savior, and how the righteous can find Him there.

  • Teaching Tuesday – we drew a favorite parable as we learned HOW our Savior teaches us in parables. Then we all provided a Christ-like act of service (two delivered pineapples & cake to people on the property, one helped around the house, and the parents got to help Minister as a Stake to our branch).

  • Betrayal Wednesday – we drew a bag of money as we learned about how our Savior forgave those who “knew not”. We learned that forgiveness is another gift of our Savior and that by using it, we can find peace in this life, as well as in eternity.

  • Last Supper and First Sacrament Thursday – today went completely differently than I expected it would. We originally had another guest invited to come for lunch, but he cancelled last minute. So instead, we invited a sweet, young family to come last minute, and they could. They saved the day! We shared the day together playing, eating, swimming, and then dying Easter Eggs (something they have never done before). Then they agreed to watch our youngest child, as we took the other two to the temple that night. But before we could go to the temple, we quickly had our “Passover Meal” for dinner, while sharing the lesson for that day. I will admit, I was THE MOST nervous over this experience, but I now believe it all happened just the way we needed it to. Paul helped me to quickly prepare the food items (it reminded me a lot of our “7 Item Sundays”), then we called everyone to the dinner table. I just stuck with the script and got through it. But half way through the lesson, it hit me, “this wasn’t just Christ’s last meal . . . This was THE LAST Passover!” No longer would we need to reverence this day of salvation, for ALL have been saved! And NOW, we have each Sunday to reverence the day of our Lord! This message impacted me deeply. We drew pictures of the bread and water for the sacrament and placed them on our wreaths, then we attended the temple. I hope to do this lesson again, for years to come, but only if prompted to!

  • Good Friday – we learned about why this day is “good” and how we have the good news, or gospel, to see us through our trials and sorrows, as well as our joys and successes. We drew Calvary’s Cross and ate fish for dinner as our activity. Fish has traditionally been a symbol for believers of Christ. Maybe because the word fish in Greek has been known as an acronym for the phrase Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior. Or maybe I just wanted a good reason to feed my family fish? 🐟 I do love fish.

  • Spirit World Saturday – today we drew missionary name tags as we focused on the JOY of missionary work beginning in the Spirit World. We discussed the blessing it is to be apart of this great opportunity and how we can best prepare as future missionaries ourselves. So we encompassed our family Easter egg hunt with some cascarones that were each filled with one way we can prepare. Each person in the family cracked their egg open in a fun way and did the activity. It was a blast! Literally! πŸŽ‰ I will definitely do this again next year! We also made sugar cookies that night and decorated them with some future missionaries (the JAS in our branch). Then, before bed (and right as the power went out) we made Resurrection cookies. The power came on at midnight, so the cookies were saved!

  • Resurrection Sunday – this was my FAVORITE day! We started with each of us enjoying a resurrection cookie. We attended church and then came home to an Easter lunch with our friends. We shared the messages from the book and then we opened our “Easter in a Basket” (something we have done every year since our oldest son was born). It was a perfect day! Our friends recently lost their baby boy, so the day was filled with hope, Joy, healing to come, faith, and trust in the Lord. I couldn’t have wanted anything more for our family.

I woke up early Easter morning, hoping to get a good breakfast cooked before Paul left for his meetings. As I came down the stairs and into the living room, the most amazing light was streaming into our home. It made me feel joyous and alive to be surrounded in this light.

What a perfect example of what this week and my Savior mean to me! For I now know where the source of all light comes!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  • Allison Owen

    What an amazing way to celebrate Easter week! It sounds like it all went well! I love the early morning pictures I can almost feel the peaceful spirit that must have been in your home!

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