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Normal People

I love this picture!

Everyone looks “normal”. It speaks to me. It’s quaint, personal, private, like they are hidden from the world and it’s just them in this moment.

I also love a new take on this story that Paul, GingerSnap and I discussed the other day. When Christ tells Martha that Mary has chosen “that good part”, I finally heard it from the point of view that Martha wasn’t in “trouble” for not acting like Mary, but that each of us serve in “that good part” that is in each of us, and it can be different from one another.

Sister Bonnie D. Parkin, former Relief Society General President, taught: “Mary and Martha are you and me. … These two loved the Lord and wanted to show that love. On this occasion, it seems to me that Mary expressed her love by hearing His word, while Martha expressed hers by serving Him. … Jesus did not dismiss Martha’s concern, but instead redirected her focus by saying choose ‘that good part.’ And what is that? … The one thing that is needful is to choose eternal life”

I finally saw that both women were choosing eternal life in the best way that they knew how. And that made me feel so good because that means that my offerings are also accepted of the Lord, as long as I am consciously choosing that good part, in seeking eternal life.

Happy FHE Monday,

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