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Sometimes . . .

Sometimes we see the craziest things in life! Like this . . .

We saw this group of cars near the airport. We thought that maybe they were parked there so that they could watch the airplanes land and take off. But we now think that they were parked on the hill so that freeway cars could see them as they passed by.

Paul told me to take pictures as we drove by.

I laughed as I did. This doesn’t look cool to me. It looks silly.

But then one of my kids said that it was “SO COOL!”

I think that the gray car is cool. I also think it is the only door on a car that needs to go up like that. But what do I know?!?!

Except, I think Curly Cook’s new Calico Critter car is pretty cool! Don’t you agree?

Happy Saturday,

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