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I Didn’t Know This

Do you remember these?

I used to blog about them all the time? I still get these emails EVERY day. Sometimes they really hit home, like today. This is one of my favorite scriptures. But the quote that came with it was my favorite part of the email. It said . . .

I never knew this before. I never realized my responsibility in what I have been praying for. You see, I’m constantly praying for Heavenly Father’s will to bless me and influence my choices . . . yet am I letting Him “guide, direct, and sustain” me?

This moved me today and actually helped me receive answers to some questions I have been asking, in regards to me visiting the USA. I have been concerned that I won’t be accepted, that people will be irritated by me, intolerant of the way I think and act, or worse, that they will persecute me.

The other day, on this very site, this scripture was posted. I was amazed yet again, that just when I needed it most, I was given some help in how to handle the feelings I was feeling and face the fears/concerns that I had.

I really do love this site. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to read the daily email, so I let it sit in my inbox for a few days. But then, one day I’ll get so sick of my inbox filling up that I’ll finally read them all, and that is when they usually will really hit home for me.

I’m grateful that I have chosen to keep receiving these emails for the past 5 years. They have truly helped me and been a blessing . . . just when I have needed them the most!

Happy Monday,

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