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Year 4 Homeschool Project Completed! – Whitti Wendi
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Year 4 Homeschool Project Completed!

What a whirlwind week it has been!

Between administering 3 different assessment tests, finishing up 20 quilt blocks, 5 dentist appointments, and various church assignments, we have also been tackling a BIG FINAL PROJECT in our homeschool.

We started this project a few weeks ago by first discussing and brainstorming ideas. Then assignments were made and ideas blossomed.

We took those ideas and put them to work at Color Me Mine. I chose to paint a water pitcher this year. I think it is beautifully shaped and will be a gorgeous addition to our homeschool collection of serving dishes.

We use these dishes each Homeschool Anniversary, August 15th (also Mother’s Day in Costa Rica), to serve from during our “Great Learning Feast!”

Our goal is to actually have enough plates for everyone to eat from! And at graduation, each graduate gets to paint a mug, as a final toast to their childhood education.

So I’m very excited to add a serving pitcher to our ensemble. I especially love how each piece, each year, speaks of the year that we had. It’s like a time capsule or journal of our family’s lives.

I look forward to my children sharing with their children their homeschool memories by simply pointing to their spots on each piece, sending them a rush of memories, accomplishments, and personal struggle. I hope they can then share their testimonies with their own children that although life has its ups and downs, be sure to pause and reflect on what you have learned from them.

One of my favorite “traditions” that we have kept each year in painting our pieces, is the purposeful use of color. Each member of our homeschool has their own color that represents them as an individual. This year we displayed our individual colors on the spout and handle of the pitcher.

Mom – Purple

El Gringo – Orange

GingerSnap – Green

Joy Boy – Red

Curly Cook – Blue

If you scroll to the top, you will notice all of our colors are represented in each piece. Although the shades may change from year to year, each color is represented! Like this year’s “Hola Circle.” Curly Cook painted it to represent the Spanish class that they took with Senora Zulma this year. She chose to put colored polka dots in the circle, only using the colors from the participants who took the class.

I’m grateful that this little store opened 5 1/2 years ago so that my family has been able to have these experiences in capturing memories! These dishes will hopefully be cherished heirlooms one day. And all because we heeded and acted on personal revelation.

I TRULY believe in this!! There are just too many miracles in this experience to think them to be mere coincidences. I know and testify that it is the hand of God who has provided these opportunities for me and my family to come closer to one another, to create lasting memories, and to help us build individual foundations of faith that can outlast anything this life may give us to overcome.

I testify that God is doing this for you too, if only you would seek to find out how. I leave this testimony of faith with you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 💕

Happy Thursday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I love love love your pitcher! I’d heard about it but I have to say it’s so much better than I’d imagined in my head!!! I love the little details that add to it like the dots on the letters SOY, and the peacocks feathers and the clouds by the swing set! What a fun tradition! Also thanks for the reminder and your testimony about personal revelation! I needed that today!

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