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That’s a Wrap – HS Year 4

Well, we did it! It wasn’t an easy week, but we made it!! I’m so happy that we even had this opportunity to homeschool again this year. It has been a wonderful year!

Here’s a recap. . .

We started the year off with two going to a 5 a.m. Seminary class, at the church. . .

And finishing the year with only 1 taking Seminary at home.

We said good-bye to our home and friends in Belén . . .

And moved to a new home in Santa Barbara.

It was complete with EVERYTHING we could ever imagine, or need, to make this new homeschool year the best it could be.

I had especially prayed that we would find a new place to live where the kids would have a safe neighborhood to not only sleep outside and play freely in, but to ride their bikes and explore! This new house has all of these needs and desires filled!

We started swimming lessons and horse back riding practice this year . . .

while this kid patiently waited to receive his mission call from our church.

Once his call came for him to serve in the Resistencia, Argentina mission, he got busy! We had a mission call opening, a homeschool/seminary graduation, he took out his endowments in the house of the Lord in Costa Rica, he worked full time for a month, and he bought himself everything he needed to get out on his mission. 😅👍🏻

In between all this excitement for El Gringo, we celebrated our first trick-or-treat/Halloween party attending in 4 years and also hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner with a houseful of new neighbors and friends from Costa Rica.

We also toured a “floating library,” took a family trip before El Gringo left for 2 years, and did a bit of planting.

Then, just like that, it was time to say good-bye. Those were the most pain-filled days. We instantly missed El Gringo. Thankfully we had each worked hard to gain our own understanding and testimony of why he needed to go and how we could move forward, as well as support him while he was away.

Those first few months we were richly blessed with dear friends that loved us, spent time with us and served us through those difficult days of learning to live with one less person in our every day family life.

We also got a change in weather, so we started doing some really fun things like: going on a family hike, building forts in the hay barn, sleeping out on the trampoline on New Year’s Eve, and building furniture for our new home. Paul made a desk to help him more easily work from home, when he started his new job in January.

We also dove into homeschooling a bit deeper. . .

supported the missionary program of our church . . .

and served the members of our branch and stake. We love our little Santa Barbara Branch. We also love being apart of building a new stake in Zion.

2019 brought some fun new growing experiences to our family. One of them was the addition of the new home based church curriculum of “Come Follow Me!” We have thoroughly enjoyed having this program and it has quickly blessed our family to come closer to the Lord and more open to sharing our feelings for Him and the gospel He teaches!

Another was the change in age for young men to receive the priesthood. Joy Boy was SUPER surprised and excited about receiving this great blessing 5 months early.

GingerSnap also got to receive a fun gift. She got to attend her first youth conference called “SOY,” which means “Strength of Youth!” She had a blast and enjoyed it fully!!!

These new and excited moments included one more wonderful change. We now get to communicate with El Gringo each week via many different means. Previously email or postal letters were the only option, now he can: video chat, text, email, or call by phone. That has been a TREMENDOUS blessing for our entire family!

February blew in a month of fun projects: pretzeling making while listening to how one lives in space for several months, baby shower planning and family Devotional improvements.

Then I got terribly sick while we visited our friend Alice in San Isidro del General. It took two full months to recover. But recover I did!!

Thankfully sprinkled throughout those two months, we had many experiences to cherish. Like Paul getting a motorcycle to help with his commute to work, Joy Boy learning about bee stings. GingerSnap learning more about blogging, and El Gringo serving in Argentina.

We attended a work party for Paul’s new job.

GingerSnap had an acrobatic dream come true!

And we all learned to make yummy, nutritious, and fun foods.

As the months flew by, we had so much joy. Then it was time to start saying good-bye. First, was to a sweet, new, little friend who was called back home to his Heavenly Father. The other was to our swimming lessons with Jorge. We loved our time spent with him! He taught each of us so much! We are better swimmers because of him. Thank you Jorge!!

We also had some celebrations towards the end of our school year. Easter, a wedding, a cultural dance performance, and Paul joining us on our Semana Santa excursion.

Joy Boy and Curly Cook both participated in their piano teacher’s world wide piano recital and did VERY well!

And that brings us to this week. We finished our assessment tests, our family classes (science, history, maturation and Spanish), Curly Cook completed Level 2 in her Jenny Phillips Literature program, and this year’s Homeschool pottery project.

I also finished our family’s quilt block for the Costa Rican Quilt Block Exchange. I’m excited to see what we will create with all the blocks we collected. I hope to make something that will help our family better remember our time spent experiencing Costa Rica.

I love homeschooling!

And I love supporting my son on his mission. These two specific blessings are some of my most precious rubies. I hope to be able to see them both through to their end.

Thank you for taking this journey through the past year with me. I hope you can take a moment to do the same. Life is FILLED with ups and downs, but sprinkled throughout are memories worth keeping. But it’s up to us to remember them and keep them safe. I hope we will do this!

Happy Saturday,

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  • Allison Owen

    Wow what a year you’ve had! That was fun to see and hear all about it!! Now on to your next adventure!!! Travel safely and see you soon!!!

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