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The Ballet

Last Saturday night, GingerSnap and I attended The Ballet with a family friend who will have moved by the time we return to Costa Rica. We wanted to spend one last day together, but what to do with two teenage girls, on a Saturday night, that is worth leaving the comforts of our own homes for?

Fortunately, in all my driving last week, I saw a HUGE freeway advertisement for the Ballet, so I researched it and it felt like the right thing to do. Our friend’s mother, and our friend, agreed. So we went.

First we ate dinner at a Mongolian BBQ. It was yummy! Right GingerSnap?!?

Then we endured crazy busy traffic, blessed to make it 5 minutes before it “should” have started. We waited for 15 minutes and then it did. The music was off for the first half of the ballet, but the dancing, costumes, and sets made up for what the theatre lacked.

Our favorite dancers were: Juliet, Mercurio (Romeo’s best friend), and Lady Capulet (Julia’s mother). They were mesmerizing!! So worth watching, even if we don’t enjoy the plot of this story. Especially GingerSnap.

But as I explained, it’s a good story to learn from others choices. She only rolled her eyes and repeated shared how stupid they were to kill themselves. Good times.

Our friend was awesome at consoling GingerSnap, which made the night even more worth it. Thanks friend! You know who you are! We love and appreciated you! We’re excited to see you one last time in July, while on our trip to the USA.

Happy Tuesday,

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