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Painting with the Sister Missionaries!

We had a lot of fun this last Monday.

Sunset after a Wednesday visit to see Claudia.

These two cuties came over to our house for part of their P-Day (Preparation Day). It is Hermana Zapata’s last P-Day on her mission. She leaves next Wednesday for Columbia.

I brought the Sisters to our house, just after making a fresh batch of glazed donuts. (You can see a bit of them in this picture Curly Cook took to show her own missionary brother how short she had cut her hair.)

Boy oh boy, were they delicious! Joy Boy has been craving them ever since we returned from Utah. I felt it was time to finally learn how to make them. It was a success!! (Thank you Megan for the recipe! 👍🏻)

After wrapping up our texting chat with Elder El Gringo, and a quick Skype visit with Sister Zapata’s parents (thanking and praising our family for serving and loving their daughter 🥰), we moved onto a fun project that Sister Beazer really wanted to do . . . Painting.

GingerSnap’s “Flowers on the Way”

Joy Boy’s “The Master’s Hand”

Curly Cook’s “Suns on the Trees” based on Van Gogh’s “Road with Cypress and Star”.

This was a painting Curly Cook and I collaborated on. It is called “Fran”.

This was Sister Zapata’s first time painting! She did a fantastic job! I love her choice of colors!!

And this was Sister Beazer’s painting. We all just stood around her and kept saying, “Wow!”

The next morning, I walked into our Dining Room and just marveled at the talent displayed before me. I truly feel that we each were blessed yesterday afternoon, to complete a masterpiece. I hope that these pictures make it safely to the Sister’s homes (Arizona and Columbia). I also hope to find a perfect place to hang each of our paintings in our home.

I’m profoundly grateful for the moments I have shared with these two specific Sisters. I have spent the last two months: going on visits with them each Wednesday afternoon, hosting FHE (Family Home Evening lessons) for them and their chosen guests on several Friday evenings, and being offered multiple other ways to serve them. My favorite has been through little moments like: sharing homemade peanut butter kiss cookies, chocolate cake, and zucchini bread with them. Or by just sharing a tender hug and a few words of encouragement with them before we go our separate ways.

I realized this last week what a gift they have been for me since we returned home from Utah. I have been struggling to find my footing back in Costa Rica, but looking back over this dark and lonely time, I’ve realized that I have NEVER been truly alone! These Sisters have been a bright light thru otherwise very dark months.

I have come to this conclusion. . . Our Savior keeps His promises; if only we will first keep ours! I am learning to trust in my baptismal covenants more and more. That the promises found in them are true!

I deeply and profoundly appreciate the opportunity that I have had to partake of the sacrament each week of my life (members in China have taught me so much!). For in having this privilege, if I worthily partake of this sacred ordinance, I am able to be “re-baptized” and reconnected with the Divine each time. And then, if I look back over my past week and earnestly search for His hand in my life, I can ALWAYS find it!

Thank you Sister Zapata! I will miss your sweet angelic presence, your kind and gentle ways of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and your strength to know when to walk away, so as to protect and respect Heavenly Father’s children. You are a bright and dancing light in a very dark and dreary world. Thank you for your sincere hugs and for loving to hear me pray in my own native tongue. You are a joy to be with! I am honored to know you. Please come visit us soon! Your family too! 😉

And Sister Beazer. what more can I say but “Thank You!” You have helped me as the mother of a missionary in so many ways, I can’t explain them all. Being able to go on visits with the two of you each week has helped me to better understand how difficult your work is, thus giving me the opportunity to specifically know how to pray for my own son. You have loved me, only as a daughter could love. I have felt the love of my own two oldest children come through you to me. I thank you for this rare and precious gift. I needed it more than I realized. Thank you for helping me feel the peace that can only come from our Father in Heaven. You are always welcome in our home! Plus, we need to take some painting lessons from you!!

“God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son.” – The Living Christ

Happy Thursday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I’m so impressed by the paintings!! All of them are so good! I love how you have blessed the lives of those sweet sister missionaries and clearly they have blessed yours!!

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