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Clear Liquid Diet

Today I have been eating a diet of clear liquids for a total of 3 days. I started Saturday night at 10 pm and it is now Tuesday 8:30 pm. Tonight I’ll sleep with a stomach filled only on water with a splash of chicken paste. I am amazed that I have done this for so long.

Why have I done this? I have had TERRIBLE stomach issues for YEARS! I still remember telling my friend Sheila R., 2 years ago this February that I rarely eat. I just had no appetite. So I have worked hard for the past 2 years to get this far, only to have my mid-left side of my body ache in stinging, clumpy blockage pain as well as the tops of my hips. I also have a “burn spot” on the top of my stomach. Have I mentioned the body odor? 🤢

I hope tomorrow the gastroenterologist will be willing and available to help me because I did not want to do a colonoscopy or G.I. scope but now I think it would be helpful to know the truth.

Will my clear liquid diet help me make this happen? Will my doctor help me get food allergy testing from my blood? Will my insurance cover the costs of having tests done on my body? What should I eat after a clear liquid diet? Will I be able to become a healthy, trim, 172 pounds of strong, balanced energy?

Join me on my journey to see what will be!

Happy Eating/Drinking!

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  • Allison

    Wendi!!! I hope your doctor can help you figure this out! That “diet” sounds awful! I will definitely be praying for you! 🙏🏻❤️

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