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A New Day!


As I am sitting here, repairing my favorite blanket that Paul and I received as a wedding gift from my family’s church/ward 23.5 years ago, I am taking a moment to pause and be thankful for the use of my hands again!!!

Repairing this blanket would be painful and difficult before today, due to the toxins that have come from my miserable gut and have lived in my joints and throughout my body for who knows how long?

The tenderness and inflammation in my hands started when we moved to this new location 1.5 years ago. I lost full use of my hands for months. Thankfully I had repaired the trim of this blanket right before this happened. Now I rejoice that due to my clear diet this week, I can repair the center seam tear by hand. Tender blessings and miracles!!! I am so happy and this repair will remind me of this very moment of joy and gratitude. 💕

Yesterday was rough!!! I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. I guess they have a name for my kind of stomach ache, but I can’t remember it. Plus, the name the doctor gave it was in Spanish, so it wouldn’t help me to share it now anyway. But the feeling I can describe is that it is nasty. It’s like someone put a stinky diaper in my stomach, minus the diaper. Yep, gross!

I also felt my colon inflamed! 🔥 It was pretty awful. It actually made me cry. So I asked Paul to help me reschedule my colonoscopy to be next week. This change altered our field trip plans next week with some visiting family members, but sometimes a person’s body has to trump fun plans.

After a few hour soak in the tub yesterday, and a huge mug of hot gelatin and a TON of water, I felt up to eating some veggie broth with tiny, tiny pieces of cooked carrot, potato and white sweet potato around 2:30. It was tasty to eat but the hollowness of my stomach started to increase. What was I to do? If I eat foods with more substance, my colon will flame up even worse than it is now. 🔥 But if my stomach rages, I’ll get heart burn and headaches. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thankfully, help arrived. A dear friend of mine asked if she could rest at my home for a few hours, before going to our church meeting that night. I of course welcomed her but wondered what I should do now? Where would be the best place for her to rest from her headache? I thought my bedroom would be the best place. So I got out of the tub, got myself ready, tidied up my room, and greeted her in my living room, where she proceeded to stay for the rest of the afternoon to take a much needed nap.

I wasn’t frustrated with her decision to not use my room. Instead I felt thankful to be up and out of my room, so I could try and experiment what I could eat to help my body receive the nutrients it was needing. This is what I ate:

  • 1/2 of a medium-ripeness banana
  • 1/2 avocado, plain, no salt
  • 1 cup of veggie broth with 2/3 cup instant potato flakes. It was actually VERY tasty and quite satisfying.
  • 1 individual serving size bottle of aloe vera juice
  • 1 cup of homemade turmeric and ginger tea with a dash of white pepper to activate the turmeric

I then drank some water and felt I had enough energy for my 1.5 hour long meeting. When I got home my stomach was hollow again. So, I ate my last small bowl of veggie broth with tiny veggies and the other half banana and avocado with a 1/2 cup of turmeric tea. I was able to go to sleep and I woke up feeling much, much better!

It is 10:24 a.m. and I am finally starting to feel hunger pains. I will get ready, eat possibly a hard boiled egg (I need protein) and maybe some potato flake soup and aloe vera juice with a cup of turmeric tea. Then I am off to get some blood work done for next week’s doctor’s appointment.

Prayers for comfort, peace, courage, understanding, truth, trustworthiness and hope would be appreciated. I am thankful for the kind comments and support I am receiving thus far. Thank you for reading. May YOU have your best day!


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  • Allison Owen

    I love that you found things you can eat! I love that your inflammation is going down! And I love that you are repairing your blanket! I’ve had to do that with a couple of our families favorite quilts from our wedding! Prayers for you! Love you!

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