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A Necessary Pause for this Cuteness!

Seriously, could I have found anything cuter than these pictures on my phone. . .

Just a few things I love about Curly Cook:

1) She is FULL of life! She loves to get up and do something! She doesn’t sit still and she loves to see what others are doing.

2) She loves to tell people she loves them through notes and drawings. I have the most! 💕

3) She tries to do her best, no matter what others may think. She is ALWAYS trying her best!!!

4) She is brave! She faces her fears on her own, more than most realize. She has weaknesses others would never guess. She is just brave enough to face them!

5) She loves to cook! I love her ability to get her hands gooey and slimy and to make a mess while making something for others to enjoy.

6) She gives and gives and gives some more. Now to teach her to discern when and with whom and how much.

7) She loves to give hugs and to anyone she feels deserves them. 💕

8) She loves to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. She has invited more people to church than anyone I know! She has also given away more Books of Mormon than anyone in our family, except maybe Paul and now El Gringo.

9) She lets people be who they are but has a way of asking/pushing others to be better than they are. She is motivating!

10) She forgives. She tries to have boundaries with people but when they cross them, she steps away. I’m proud of her for this level of maturity.

11) She doesn’t like being the “baby” of the family, but she accepts it and prays that it won’t always be this way. But I think deep inside she will learn to love it!

Happy Birthday to my baby Curly Cook! We love you SO MUCH!! And a BIG THANK YOU to your sister. She is AMAZING to recognize and take the time to capture this moment in your life for you.

Thanks SincerelyGingerSnap! You make our family life experiences complete. We are so blessed you are in our family.

Families are Forever!

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  • Allison Owen

    So much cuteness! I love you Curly Cook and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You are lucky to have a mom that can express so many of your wonderful qualities so beautifully! Love you both!

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