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Sunday Dinner Outside

Curly Cook asked if we could please eat our fancy dinner outside on Sunday. With our world turned every which way, I spontaneously said, “Yes!”

She was in shock . . . and then she immediately got to work. After setting up a long folding table outside on our back patio, asked if we should use our china plates. I didn’t feel that was necessary (even though every Sunday dinner is served on our china plates), nor did I want a plate to accidentally get broken outside – thus possibly crushing any future meals outside in the future.

So Curly Cook took our everyday dinner wear and set a gorgeous table with it. Including my very favorite golden table cloth upon the table. Paul then filled the table with scrumptious foods: Grilled steak, balsamic grilled zucchini, stir-fried garlic green beans, toasted baguette circles, and fresh watermelon with goat cheese crumbles.

The meal was fit for royalty! To top it all off, we enjoyed a 2-day chilled dessert called Heavenly Oreo Dessert. We tasted it for the first time Friday night, after only 2 hours to chill, but it was a bit soupy. Fast forward two days later (due to Fast Sunday!) and it was deliciously layered and held quite a nice shape.

This dessert was truly yummy and will need to be repeated because we have all the ingredients on hand and they need to be used up before we relocate to the United States. So hip-hip-hooray! to another dessert day! Yum! 😋

Happy Monday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I love that you said yes to her!!! How fun and sounds so yummy! I think I’ve tried that dessert and it was so good!!!

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