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New Morning Routine

Good morning! (Really, it’s the afternoon, but I’m just now having a late brunch). 🤫

I’ve started a new morning routine, over the past 2 months, that I am really enjoying.

It starts with my own morning prayers, and then I go into “study mode.” I do some strength exercises, a yoga class, I meditate with the Calm app for 10 minutes, and then I listen to a General Conference talk while I complete my back stretches for 15 minutes. (Thanks Dad!)

Afterward, I take a few moments to write in my journal about some ways that I feel gratitude for my life today. Some days I do better than others, but I really do strive to see the hand of the Lord in my daily life. At this point I am usually hungry and ready to eat. Lately I love to enjoy a yummy bowl of homemade blueberry peach oatmeal with homemade cinnamon maple walnuts and pecans sprinkled generously on top.

Then I wash it all down with my huge blender bottle of water and a green smoothie.

After my journal, and brunch, I take time to study from my Church’s Come Follow Me curriculum. My family and I have broken the weekly study course into daily lessons. I love how, and what, I have learned by using these daily lessons to help me study and understand the Book of Mormon better. It has allowed me to receive daily personal inspiration and/or revelation. And that is something my family really needs at this time.

Lastly, is my shower time. This is the part I look forward to the most because I am seeing a tremendous difference, not only in how I physically look, but in how I feel in my body. It’s call Dry Brushing. I use it, along with a hot/cold/hot/cold/hot shower, to help me flush my lymphatic system. It has worked so far and I hope to keep receiving the help this is providing me, so I can better take care of my amazing body!

But, as promised, all good/new things have a down side. This new morning routine has come at a cost. The first big cost has been me not going downstairs for family prayer or family scripture time. That was a difficult realization for me, until we talked as a family and decided to move it to after dinner.

Yet, I still desire to have morning family prayer. Lately, due to the current situation our family seems to be in, Paul and I have had to take some much needed extra rest and have spent many mornings simply talking and discussing “our” lives. I don’t regret this little sabbatical from our usual routine. But I do hope to find a way to fortify and strengthen our family from sun up to sun down, like we used to.

The second cost has been more about my pride. Because I am “exercising” during this 120 minute “study” time each morning, getting dressed and ready first thing in the morning has become something I don’t do as early as might be socially acceptable. More than a dozen times since this new routine started, my husband or children have commented, “You’re still not ready for the day?”

These little comments really bothered me at first. When I listened to them I felt selfish, and even lazy, fulfilling this new routine. It doesn’t help that my family interrupts me and asks for my help each morning, which I try to still lovingly give.

But then the Pandemic hit the world and I have recently seen what a BLESSING this routine has been for me . . . as well as for my family.

If I had let shame change my routine, or even stop it, I know that I would not be able to handle the handful of DIFFICULT and HEAVY life changes that are happening for our family right now. I also know I would not be able to help my family in a supportive way.

So although these costs have felt great, changes have been made and reality has been acknowledged, so I can have time each day, just for me, to reconnect with myself, remember who I really am, and take care of the amazing body I have been leant.

I appreciate her (my body) so very much. I haven’t always been the best at appreciating her, so I feel this is the least I can do to repair the damage that has been done and hopefully find a new path to take from here on out. At the end of the day, I think 2 hours is a minimum price a human should pay to care for themselves, out of the average 16 hours they live.

Happy Tuesday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I’m impressed! That is quite the routine!! I’m glad you are taking care of yourself!! You are amazing! ❤️

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