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Quarantine Day #57 – Running AWAY from Home

Well, it finally happened. We escaped from the confines of our lovely prison, I mean home, and got OUT and ABOUT this afternoon.

First we stopped to find GingerSnap and Joy Boy their literature curriculum certificate prize . . .

Yes! This is what their prize is. I was quite astonished that all 3 kiddos chose this for their certificate prize this year. But I love that there is still a bit of little kid left in them. These treats are actually quite pricey in Costa Rica, $2.87 instead of what, $1 in Utah? Anyway, I digress.

After a quick stop at PriceSmart for our “last month” of groceries, and some tasty foods from the snack stand, we made our way up a steep mountain road to this amazing view!

We pulled off to the side of the dirt road, and stopped to have a picnic lunch, while Paul took a webinar.

The kids had a ball just being in the open air, playing games, and eating all they felt they should.

It got a bit cool, so Curly Cook decided to invite herself into GingerSnap’s sweatshirt. Silly girls!

We REALLY needed this little break!!!

I especially enjoyed the blessing we received to watch a storm pass on by but not actually rain on us. I will miss these amazing clouds!

We initially thought we were driving directly to the Wind Turbines in Santa Ana, but instead we drove to a place that allowed us to view them from a distance.

So after a nice rest, we decided to still drive to see them, before the weather changed on us. When we finally arrived, the wind turbines were humungous!!!

The girls each had fun holding one. . .

My favorite part was capturing the hidden wind turbines in the passing clouds. They seemed like sentinels, towering above pus unseen.

It was a FANTASTIC day trip and one we each needed terribly. We ended the night with reading books after dinner, while Paul finished sewing our last face mask for our trip to the USA next month. I’ll share more about that tomorrow.

Happy Thursday,

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  • Allison Owen

    I’m so glad you guys got out and enjoyed the fresh air! What a beautiful picnic spot! Those windmills or turbines are huge! I loved the pictures of the kids “holding” them! 😉

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