2020 Graduation for Curly Cook

That’s right folks, it’s May 9th and Curly Cook has some news to share!

She graduated!!!! She completed another level of The Good and the Beautiful’s Language Arts and Literature curriculum.

She is SO RELIEVED!!! I must say, I have worked with a lot of reading curriculums over my life and this curriculum is not only the most rewarding, but it was actually created at a much higher level than most curriculums.

That says a lot for our family. Learning to read hasn’t been the easiest pursuit, so being able to work through an entire curriculum and be THIS HAPPY at the end says ALOT about the curriculum, as well as the diligent effort made by the learner. 👍🏻

I am SUPER proud of you Curly Cook!!! Spending this last year together, in this curriculum, has brought us closer together, as well as blessed us both with a greater capacity to search for the good and beautiful in this world.

I sure do love you! 💕🌸

And I hope you enjoy the certificate prize you chose. It was well deserved!

And don’t worry Joy Boy, you said you have only a week left of lessons. You’re graduation is next!!!

Happy Saturday,

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