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Yearly Homeschool Anniversary Surprise Project – Day 1

Well, it started.

Curly Cook and I ventured to Color Me Mine today to begin our family’s 3 day project of creating this year’s Homeschool Anniversary surprise.

This is our inspiration for this year’s project.

Curly Cook had some fun ideas to try!

She especially enjoyed making sure some beloved friends can always be remembered.

I have enjoyed this special tradition of ours. It started 4 years ago, with 4 WONDERFUL children!

Each year we have created something amazing!!! I look forward to what this August 15th (or as close as possible) will bring.

Happy Monday,

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  • Allison

    Lookin good! Curly Cook is such a cutie!!! I love her mask! I love that you are all so artistic and creative and I love this tradition you have! 😍

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