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Yearly Homeschool Anniversary Surprise Project – Day 2

Today was another FUN day!!!

It was Joy Boy’s turn to come and paint today. He and I decided to add a sky and clouds to the plate. I love how it made us feel to paint them. As I painted the clouds, I realized that they are symbolic. Not only are there “3” of them on the plate (for the 3 kids who homeschooled this year), but they are WHAT drew me to Costa Rica in the first place.

I have always LOVED taking pictures of the clouds we see here. I hope I have taken a few good photos, so I can have them printed and hung in my home.

Joy Boy loved painting the light blue sky. We both agreed that we are going to miss so many beautiful things in Costa Rica!!! Mainly: the people we met, the vistas we saw, the experiences we had, and the memories we made.

At least we took the time to capture some of them. 😅😢😉

Happy Tuesday,

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  • Allison

    I love how your plate is looking this year!!! I really love how you use symbolism in them and the 3 clouds! Okay and let’s talk about how cute Joy Boy is!!! His eyes are smiling so big that it doesn’t matter that his smile had to hide behind a mask! And I LOVE his mask!! Good job! ❤️

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