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Quarantine Day #80 – Celebrating!! 🥳

So . . . We RAN AWAY! But this time we are going to be gone for a week! An ENTIRE week! (At least we hope to be.)

But before we could leave, we had an important phone call.

This young adult found out where he is being re-assigned in 2 weeks and he was thoughtful enough to include us in his news.

He was quite surprised and delighted to hear that he will be visiting the great state of Washington, in the Spokane mission. He had been hoping for back East somewhere but we all agree that Washington sounds superb too!

After a spontaneous hairstyle by GingerSnap. . .

We piled into our family vehicle and drove 3 hours to the . . .

Ponderosa Adventure Park!!

It was so nice to get out of the house and meet up with our friends in Guanacaste . . .

And make some new friends too, like Alfredo the scarlet macaw!

After a delicious dinner of leftovers (we literally emptied our fridge and freezer into 2 coolers and brought it all with us on this trip), we watched this classic movie (thanks Uncle Tom!). I loved it! I will definitely watch it again, and I am not one to watch movies twice.

It felt SO GOOD to just sit back and relax!!! We all slept in our own rooms, with air conditioning! We felt like royalty.

Happy Friday,

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