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Quarantine Day #79 – Packing!

We are so tired!!!

Okay. Mainly Paul should be tired. He has done so much work this last month, and we only have one more month to go before we relocate to the USA! 🇺🇸

He has worked diligently to not only wrap up this beast (our massively heavy dining room table), but all of our framed artwork. . .

Our library of incredible books. . .

Our Christmas tree . . .

His office . . .

And he has decluttered throughout our house and started a “give-away/needs to be sold” pile. He is AMAZING!!!

And this isn’t your regular, everyday packing. This is container shipping packing which means Paul has had to personally make customized boxes for EVERYTHING!!!!! I’m so very proud of him and therefore VERY thankful he is unemployed at this time. If being unemployed had to happen in this lifetime, the timing is perfect for it!

I’ve also been trying to help in the packing effort by decluttering our pantry shelves and sorting through the items that we won’t be able to use before it’s time for us to leave.

I then compiled these items into a list and held a “Family Market Fundraiser”. It was a positive success! We were supported by generous friends who chose to shop from our list, before shopping at PriceSmart. 🥰

This fundraiser wasn’t easy for me to do. I had to be brave and humble. But throughout the entire experience, whenever I wanted to chicken out and not ask for help, I thought of my family and that helped me face the reality that the unexpected happens in life and it’s okay to reach out for help when you need it. ☺️

I also help our family by making sure we eat. Like this yummy BBQ Pork Pizza! I also make sure that each person is eating enough nutrition because our appetites have diminished since our illnesses last week, as well as the added stress that is messing with our bodies, due to our impending changes on the horizon.

I also make sure our family runs away each week and takes a breather from all the pressure we are feeling.

When I look back on this time, I hope that I will cherish these moments we made together. Especially the miracle I have had that I have felt prompted to capture them in our family blog, even though I felt scared, overwhelmed, ashamed, and at time even hopeless.

I hope that when I read these posts in the future, I will see how courageous we were. I also hope our kids will cherish having these memories documented for them, to one day enjoy as well. 💕

Happy Friday,

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  • Allison

    You guys have made so much progress packing!! Good job Paul!!! And I’m so proud of you for being humble and brave! ❤️

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