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One Last Trip – Day 7 – Going Home! 🚘


We were given 6 nights away from home and it felt wonderful! It felt like we were almost in a dream, because we were able to unplug and just enjoy the moments as they came.

Paul and I didn’t expect much of this trip, so each new day’s surprise experiences only added joy to our “wait and see” plan of attack. This trip did not disappoint!

We were in no hurry to get home today. We knew that the new curfew in Guanacaste was at 5:00 p.m., but we had until 2:00 p.m. before we needed to get out of the house we were staying in. So we took our time making crepes for a late-breakfast and then once our things were all packed up, we sat down and watched “A Wrinkle in Time.”

I actually really enjoy this movie. So much so, I want us to listen to the book on our RV trip this summer. I hope we like the book more than the movie! 🀞🏻

After the movie was over, we made a picnic lunch for the car and got ready to go. As we drove to get GingerSnap, we started to add up all the movies we watched over our “Last Vacation.” Here is our family movie watching list:

  • Condorman (Friday)
  • 16 Wishes (Saturday)
  • Beauty and the Beast – Live Action (Sunday)
  • Labyrinth (Monday)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Johnny Depp version (Tuesday)
  • Moana, Trolls, & Cinderella – live action
  • A Wrinkle in Time

That makes 9 movies watched together in just 7 days! I think that is a record for us. Thankfully we spent most of our time on this vacation outdoors. That makes the movie watching seem not as lazy, but more time spent together resting after a fun adventure together.

Once GingerSnap was picked up, we enjoyed our car-ride picnic lunch as we drive home. We then enjoyed hearing the end of our family read out-loud, “The Story of Marco.” We loved the ending!

Our journey home was a bit congested, but we got home in plenty of time to unpack and even deliver our defrosted freezer and a full propane tank that our friends that purchased them from us. I also had an impromptu video chat church meeting. It was nice to visit with President Herrera once more before we move.

By the time we got to bed that night, we were ready to sleep.

Our trip was everything we could have wanted it to be. We swam, went horse back riding x 2, tubed down a turquoise river, zip lined, went on an African Safari tour, hiked to see Rio Celeste, went 4 wheeling, got to eat out 6 days in a row (Cafe Macadamia, KFC, our friend’s house for Sunday dinner, Papa John’s, Pollolandia, and Pops ice cream sandwiches on our drive home – so we could use their restroom πŸ˜‰), watched 9+ movies, slept in, rested, relaxed, and enjoyed nature! Who could ask for anything more? I won’t!

But I must give credit where credit is due!

That goes to our Father in Heaven. He is the one who made this all possible. He helped us to find the resources we needed to be able to do what we did. We didn’t stress over one detail of this trip. It went smoothly and that right there is evidence that He was in all the details.

We are deeply thankful for this last Costa Rican family vacation. I hope we will not forget it but cherish it always!

Happy Thursday,

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