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Q-Day #93 – Going for a Walk

I did one thing today that I am very proud of. I went for a walk.

The day started out perfectly delightful. So I decided to get out of the house and enjoy it.

As I strolled down the road, I was thrilled to see a dear friend return . . .

Hydrangeas!!!! Oh how I will miss seeing them each day!

As I continued my walk, down the brick-laid road on the property we live on, I spotted a mother hen and her baby chicks.

I will miss seeing these beauties live the life cycle!

I will also miss sitting in my favorite thinking spot!

The days and weeks seem to drag on for us right now, but in my heart, I know that this is happening on purpose. This is an opportunity for us to recognize many of the blessings we have been given by God. It is also a moment for us to rest well and emotionally prepare for the journey ahead.

As I made my way back home, I came upon a mother turkey and her adorable chicks . . .

And then a mother peacock and her youthful brood. I was amazed to see all three mother hens come out today to say hello. Or maybe they are saying good-bye?

As I finished my walk, I was listening to a friend’s voice message. I thought I was turning up the volume, but instead I found out I had actually been taking pictures. Of course this happened!!! The sky knows I love it most of all! I will forever be thankful for these pictures!

Our family ended our day by joining our Church’s Family Home Evening meeting over Zoom. I had resisted attending this meeting, but I am glad my heart changed and we joined after all, because two of my dearest friends joined the meeting too (Beazer and Zapata – sister missionaries I met and became dear friends with while they served in our community!).

Our church group (Branch) also took a few minutes at the end of the meeting to say good-bye. It was actually a healing, hope-filled experience for Paul and I. We feel blessed we participated.

We don’t know how things will turn out for us once we leave, but one thing is for sure, we will be surrounded in beauty while it happens. We just have to be purposeful and find it. 🌸

Happy Friday,

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  • Allison

    Oh I love so much about this post!! I love that you went for a solitary walk! I adore Hydrangeas, and the baby birds are so cute! The “accidental” cloud pics are beautiful and I love that your branch got to say goodbye!! I’m glad you are enjoying this time and finding beauty and peace amidst the craziness! ❤️

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