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Q-Day #95 – Mission Intermission Is Over!

So this happened today!

This young adult was “re-set apart” and then given a very special blessing to return to the mission field and serve the Lord for the next 6 months in the Washington Spokane Mission.

After our son was set apart by his Aunt and Uncle’s Stake President, we had the privilege of getting to know our son’s new Mission President over a group Zoom meeting, with a few other missionaries coming to the same mission this week.

We enjoyed our visit with the Mission President and his wife very much! We then had some uniquely available time to visit with our oldest son, alone and as a family, while he shared his hopefulness and the joy he was feeling in his heart. Mom paycheck!!!!!

We are going to miss this adult son of ours! But I must say, that although it was quite painful to not have the last 10 weeks with him, like everyone else we know with “intermissioned missionaries”, there is a huge blessing included. . . we don’t have to do this again. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Our family is going through ALOT of change right now, but through each and every step of the way, we feel the hand of the Lord helping us through this. Today was a testifier to me that hard things must happen, in order for great things to come to pass! So if this is hard, well, I look forward to the greatness too. Whatever that may be.

A very special thanks goes out to this amazing family!! They not only hosted our son during this ENTIRE mission intermission, but they played with him, cheered him on, helped him prepare for Mission – Part 2, and enjoyed him the very best they could. He, and our family, have been richly blessed by the Lord to have their help!!! Thank you M&M and family!!! πŸ’•

Happy Sunday,

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