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Joy Boy’s 13th Birthday in Costa Rica!

What a fun day we had today! Let me fill you in on a few of the most special details.

Joy Boy woke up delightfully surprised and asked me to follow him to his bedroom.

He woke up to 13 balloons and a “Happy Birthday!” banner in his bedroom. This kind of decorating had never been done before, so he was delightfully overjoyed! Next he went downstairs to our kitchen to find another surprise waiting for him . . .

This is a standard in our family, to decorate the table for the day. But this time it was decorated in LEGO decorations that were given to him 18 months ago.

He missed using them last year (we were in Utah over his birthday), so this surprised him that we still had them and saved them for today, especially with us packing up everything in the house.

After his favorite breakfast, cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs, he opened his birthday gifts.

Among them was: a hand delivered (despite Coronavirus) box of LEGO shaped chocolates, a handmade card by GingerSnap w/Beanie Boo stuffed animal, a pile of “chore gift certificates” by Curly Cook, and cash from parents and grandparents.

After getting his responsibilities done (yes, he happily did his family chores today and did his part to study the gospel), he and Curly Cook played and even enjoyed some video game time. Then they invited GingerSnap to join them in watching a movie together. Joy Boy bought it for his birthday. He also bought himself some new, high tech ear phones and a awesome case to keep them safe!

After the movie, we dashed off to have dinner with our “awesome” friends, S to the 2nd power! While we enjoyed dinner at Johnny Rockets, El Gringo called from Idaho to wish Joy Boy a happy birthday! It was perfect timing and just the ending gift we needed to a splendid day!

In true Joy Boy fashion, we stopped by a couple houses, on our way home, to drop off a few gently used toys to a lovely family. The joy they received from the gifts added to his day. It was so fun to experience the gift of giving today!

We ended our night, before family prayer, each sharing why we are thankful to have Joy Boy in our family. I think that might have been what I needed most for him today, for him to feel we appreciate him being with us.

Happy Birthday Joy Boy! We hope you can feel and understand that we love and enjoy you. We are thankful that Dad isn’t the only guy around right now; you make our home complete. It seems fitting we had your birthday cake on Father’s Day. I think you will make a fantastic father!!

Love you always,

Mom💕, a.k.a.

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