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Week in Review & June recap by Joy Boy

This is the cutest article Joy Boy has ever written for our extended family’s newsletter. I asked him if I could put it on our blog today and he agreed. This article also explains where we have been all week. Enjoy!

This is our last “Hola!” from Costa Rica. We hope you are all well. This month has been extremely busy and eventful. Elder El Gringo is happy and doing well with his new Mission reassigned to the Washington Spokane Mission and is loving it.

We started the month off by finishing our small vacation in Guanacaste. During this vacation we went on a hike to a river called Rio Celeste. Local legend says that it gets its vibrant blue color because when God was painting the sky, some of his paint fell into the river, making it blue. We had lots of fun in the rain getting REALLY wet and slipping in mud.

The rest of our vacation week flew by, as we saw African Safari animals and did all sorts of fun things (tubing down the Rio Celeste River, zip lining, horseback riding twice, watched tons of movies (9), visited some friends, and ate really well). We left on Thursday and headed home.

As you all know, we are in the process of relocating to Virginia, so the week after our vacation was filled with packing, going to the beach, watching and playing lots of tv and video games, and more packing.

The next week we did MORE packing, went on a 3 waterfall hike and on the way home we stopped by our friend’s house to get strawberries. It turns out, he let us pick them ourselves. That was a really fun experience!

The next week I had almost a week long birthday “party” for me which included: cake and steak on Father’s Day, celebrating my birthday and eating out with some family friends on Monday, fishing and seeing a beautiful waterfall on Tuesday, packing on Wednesday, the dentist on Thursday, and going to the beach again on Friday.

We could really use your prayers through this time of changing homes and getting use to the ways of the USA. Hope you have a Happy June. Pura Vida. 


Joy Boy

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  • Allison

    Well done Joy Boy!! Sounds like you are packing in as much fun as you can along with all the real packing! I can’t believe the color of the water at Rio Celeste! So beautiful! I’m glad you have been enjoying your last weeks in Costa Rica! We are praying for you guys! Love you ❤️

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