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Q-Day #112 – Haystack Cookies and What I Gained from Living in Costa Rica

Today is a BIG DAY!!! It is our last day living in “our dwelling.” I won’t say home because the last 5.42 years have taught me that home is not where you live but where you are meant to belong. I belong with my family, so wherever my family may go, that will be our home!!!

So today is the last day we will cook, lie around in our possessions (mattresses, sheets, pillows, blankets), walk around knowing where everything is and how it works, and it will be the last place we are familiar with for quite some time.

We are off to the great unknown, and yes, it is a bit overwhelming and scary . . . But FAITH is our light through this foggy, unfamiliar time.

Remember these videos, they are THE BEST!!!! They are what I need to practice at “such a time as this!” I hope my family can too. I have loved having the opportunity to live as an expatriate. I want to say “living overseas” but we are directly below our country of nationality, so no seas were ever really between us. 😉 Just a lot of land.

I have learned a lot about myself, what constitutes a happy/healthy family and the type of love that can be created by living after this manner of happiness, how to live up to my privileges, how to be self reliant, and what truly constitutes a need vs. a want.

I have also learned WHY I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and why I actively and willing attend their meetings and do all I can to support the work that they do!

I also have learned the importance of being myself, no matter what the cost of doing so may be! For if you choose to be truthful, you will be set free from the pains, sorrows, and afflictions of this life. But we must also seek truth, in order to know to live by it!

I have also learned that “out of sight, out of mind” is a reality, but to not let that determine our commitment to any relationship, no matter what!

And finally, I have learned what being a spouse and mother means on a deeper, refining level. It doesn’t mean that I get what I want when I feel I should receive it, but it also doesn’t me that I won’t ever have my desires for good come true. It means to be patient, work towards what is best for all in a family unit, and then let God do the rest! It takes time to raise a family unit into a team, each doing their part to help our family grow and become what only God knows it can be. But the real joy comes from being open to enjoying the journey, instead of focusing on the end goal being achieved quickly!

I will cherish my time living in a foreign country. I have stopped and wondered if I would ever do it again, especially among the hoards of boxes, packages, and stress that relocating brings. I honestly think that I would live foreign again, if given the opportunity from God. I would actually be interested to see how I would do it next time. I just hope I don’t lose the little Spanish I did earn the last 5+ years. 😉 I actually hope to be able to put it to good use in the USA!

Some of my FAVORITE memories will be all of the gifts and talents our family acquired while living here:

  • Rubik’s cubing!
  • Chess
  • Othello
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Drawing
  • Watercoloring
  • Recorders (elementary school flutes)
  • Piano
  • Ukelele
  • Guitar
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Learning to clean responsibly
  • Hosting/catering small to gigantic gatherings
  • Attending meetings patiently and with temperance in a foreign language
  • Communicating with others despite cultural differences
  • Learning to use google translate to speak for us in 2 foreign languages
  • Reading high level literature
  • Listening to great music!
  • Watching uplifting movies that welcome the Holy Ghost!
  • Appreciating nature!!!!!!! (I never thought I could! 😅)
  • Appreciating the good and the beautiful on this earth
  • Runaway drives as a family for FUN!
  • Field Trips
  • Meeting new people (strangers) and welcome them into our home
  • Learning to be our own best friend – alone time (self care)
  • Learning to be friends in our family (family care)
  • How to prioritize and what first things must come first! = Self Care/Family Care/Service/Child of God School/Exercise/Gifts and Talents/Family Devotional/God given curriculum (unique to each of us)/time to use our agency and do what we are interested in/family dinner time/FSPS (family song, prayer, scripture study)/get plenty of rest!!!!!!
  • How to be in a relationship
  • What constitutes a “best friend”
  • Not to cast our pearls before swine (7 Brides for 7 Brothers 😉)
  • Why we are on this earth!
  • Love for temples and family history
  • Wearing the armor of God is a great blessing
  • Boundaries!!!!

I am sure there are many more gifts and talents that my family could add to this list, but each one of these gifts and talents had to be earned and worked at. Not one was miraculously there one day . . . but the desire thankfully was!!!! And I KNOW that those desires where opportunities to become more like God, from God.

We each can testify that the desires we received also came one at a time. And only after each one was acted upon and worked at, with the use of our agency, did another desire come that added to our list of gifts and talents to choose from. This is our boredom buster list! These options give us something to do and a way to feel closer to God.

Do you know your boredom buster list?

Well, I’ll end this post with a yummy treat we were given through our membership with Living Scriptures (this is not sponsored). We appreciate what this company provided our family while living foreign, and for the ability I had to trust a lot of the content they provided. No site is truly safe for each and every family, but this site provided many more options than most can provide easily to our family.

I also enjoyed receiving their weekly Come Follow Me lesson plans. I didn’t actually use the lessons, but I liked the treat suggestions, as well as the movie recommendations for each week. Sometimes they really did help us out!

We especially enjoyed this cookie recipe! The person who shares treat ideas does a really great job! Fun ideas!!! Easy too!

Well, here’s to us doing our best to relocate to the USA this weekend. Prayers are always appreciated and we want you to know that we feel them too! Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us. Our family is taking things one day at a time and making it through each and every day! A mother couldn’t ask for more!

Happy Wednesday,

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