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Dollar Store Dreams Come True!

Another great day today! We all worked really hard to continue to prep the RV for our trip next week. The littles and I washed and vacuumed out half the RV. GingerSnap wiped down the bathroom cabinets and Paul continued to fix up various spots around the RV.

After a yummy birthday dinner for Grandma, our family hopped into the car and ran to the Dollar Tree. The kids wandered each aisle, looking for some hidden treasures.

The girls found coloring supplies and Strawberry Shortcake coloring books (an all-time favorite) and Joy Boy found flying chickens and a tiny Transformer car. They were all ecstatic!

Each child also chose a personal treat to enjoy on our trip, making it SUPER easy on me when they get munchy next week.

My favorite part of the shopping trip was watching each child carefully shop and decide to only get what they needed. Each of them spent what they felt they could afford.

Curly Cook – 7 items @ $7.40

GingerSnap – 5 items @ $5.30

Joy Boy – 4 items @ $4.26

Joy Boy spent the least because he doesn’t eat as many sweets as the girls do, nor does he color like they do. 😉

I love how unique my kids are but how they all find pleasure doing things together. These days are precious and fleeting. I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity we are having to make sweet lemonade out of the lemons 🍋 of life!

Happy Tuesday,

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