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Date Night x 3

Today ended nicely. I had already had a lovely day with getting my haircut at Salon Heatherwood, by Heather herself. Then grocery shopping at a USA grocery store and only buying what I needed. . . THAT felt great!!! Usually I feel like I’m going to miss out on buying something, but now that we reside in the USA, I feel fine just walking away from “wants” because I know I can go back another day and get them if I really do need them. That was awesome!!!

I also really enjoyed helping Paul organize a bit in the RV we are preparing to take across country next week. The RV is coming along nicely! He and Joy Boy worked hard to take out old tv’s and repair the paneling today. GingerSnap worked hard to empty the RV of all its contents so we can decide what to take and what to store for now. And Curly Cook vacuumed out all the storage under the RV. It was a really successful RV prepping day!!!

Then, after a yummy dinner of Papa Murphy’s pizza with grandma and grandpa, we enjoyed a family walk with them around the block, while indulging in Tillamook ice cream cones. It was Curly Cook’s turn to conduct Come Follow Me tonight. She did a great job. We ended by kneeling in family prayer.

Then it was “date night” x 3!!!

Paul played foosball with Joy Boy. Paul barely beat him. šŸ‘šŸ» GingerSnap visited with 2 guy friends in the backyard. And Curly Cook and I went down “Memory Lane” together.

She insisted it be just her and I! She even said I “needed” to do this with her because she needed it. Too cute!

So we jumped into the car we are borrowing, thanks Uncle MT and Aunt C, and we drove down the road to her first destination of choice.

She loved sitting shotgun! It was her first time. Uncle MT (a retired police officer) said she was tall enough. She was so happy to have this opportunity, that she took several pictures!

After playing on her “preschool playground”, we drove to her second destination. . .

The playground that she cut her eye at when she was 4 years old (May 2013).

After she played on the playground for awhile, and slid down each slide, we drove to her third destination. . .

The school she went to Kindergarten to for only 4 months, before we moved to Costa Rica. So many memories came flooding back to me as we sat and looked at this school. All 4 of my kiddos went to this school, but only 1 graduated from it (and he really only attended this school for 2.5 years). Crazy how life can give us the unexpected!!!

I then drove us by my grandparent’s old home that was by this school. This home brought me so much joy as a child. It was nice to look and see that it hasn’t changed much since they owned it. But the views! Oh my!! I can see why my grandmother begged to live on Mount Olympus.

Curly Cook took several gorgeous pictures as we drove back home.

It was the perfect ending to what could have been an anxiety filled day. I’m thankful for the help I received through prayer, journal writing, seeking ministering from covenant keeping friends and family, as well as listening to a timely General Conference talk and watching a tender video Curly Cook recommended all before starting my day today!!

As I got ready for bed tonight, I realized that my day went from starting out pretty low to ending pretty splendid. All worked together for our good today, despite the despair I felt when I awoke this morning. We even got to talk to a happy Elder Whitchurch today!!!

We had a very good day!

Happy Monday,

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  • Allison

    Iā€™m so glad everything worked out well yesterday! It sounds like you accomplished so much!! And what a fun date night with Curly Cook!! Sheā€™s such a cutie!!

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