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RV Trip Day #3 – RV Homechurch #1

Today was a special day!

It was our first Sabbath Day in our RV. Paul and I woke early and got showered and dressed before we woke each kiddo, one by one, to do the same. Then we enjoyed breakfast and some journaling time, before we had our own homechurch meeting.

We enjoyed partaking of the sacrament as a family. It was a lovely experience, even in a small space such as ours. Then we listened to a fantastic talk by President Ballard from long ago. Afterward, we discussed how we must stop and smell the roses among the cement buildings and parking lots of life. The message was timely and I think quite important as we begin this RV trip of ours!

Then we said goodbye to our Boondocking location near Parley’s Canyon so we could visit Grandma and Grandpa for a lovely turkey lunch.

On our way, I decided to give the shotgun seat to Joy Boy and opted to sit with the girls on the couch. It was a wild ride, riding sideways through suburban neighborhoods, but it was a good first experience for me.

Hopefully it was nice for the girls too! 😉

Happy Sunday, 

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