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RV Trip Day #6 – Visiting Cousin Michelle in California!

Thank you for your patience. To put it bluntly, I’m exhausted.

If you look closely at this “good-bye collage”, you can see me saying good-bye to my sweet friend Deborah this morning. She is gorgeous and expecting her 6th precious baby in a few months. I’m not expecting a baby, but I look more exhausted then this busy mama of 3 little princesses and 2 teenagers.  I hope to get some rest really soon.

After a surprise “breakfast in RV”, we said good-bye to our favorite Reno friends and started our road trip for the day. Today’s journey consisted of stopping by my cousin’s house in Orland, California and then spending the night at an RV park in Meyer’s Flat.

The 3 hour drive to see my cousin Michelle was GORGEOUS! The Sierra Nevada Mountains were so beautiful and kept us cool. Then we entered the HOT Zone 🥵. How does my cousin do it? Thankfully she let us visit briefly with her in her air conditioned home before we hopped back into the RV for another 4 hour drive to our home for the night.

Along the way we saw where a lot of our favorite foods are grown: almonds, walnuts, apricots, rice, sunflower seeds, squash, corn, and strawberries. Seeing food grown always brings me JOY!!! It makes me feel so thankful that God has provided for us and allows us to share and make connections with one another through food.

Then we entered wine and lake country. For miles and miles we saw spectacular views of beautifully landscaped vineyards, or enticing sparkling lakes, calling our names to jump out of our 96 degree RV and rest for awhile in their cool waters. The drive was a feast for the eyes and soul.


Sadly, the kids missed much of this splendor because they were resting their bored and overheated bodies by watching a movie.

Once their movie was over, it was time for nature’s movie to take charge. We all stared in amazement as we began to drive through one redwood forest after another. The kids sat in awe as we passed by the towering giants.

Before we knew it, we were pulling into the Giant Redwoods RV & Camp Destination to set up camp for the night. For $80 our family had full hook-ups, internet access, the opportunity to do 2 loads of wash and then dump both tanks twice. We also had a much needed break outside in the clean night air, which was of the highest importance!

While Paul took a business call, and I made dinner, the kids walked around outside and enjoyed themselves immensely. The cool, fresh air was invigorating and made dinner taste scrumptious.

Showers, prayers, and everyone was asleep just like that! We did it!!! I’m so grateful to be sleeping at an RV park tonight. I hope to sleep well.

Happy Wednesday, 

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