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RV Trip Day #7 – Redwoods, California

I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Redwoods! Today that dream came true! 

We slept in this morning because late last night Paul and I woke up our 3 punkins and took them outside to see the stars ✨. It was so glorious to see such beauty because the redwood trees blocked out all the artificial light around us. 

We each lay on the warm pavement and just stared at the galaxies, constellations, and shooting stars (we each saw 2 – 4). Paul and I wondered if the kids would remember this precious moment in the morning, and they did!! 

Once we had some breakfast in our bellies, we walked over to a local tourist site in Myers Flat called “Shrine Drive Thru Tree”. 

Along the sunny road, we found wild blackberry bushes growing like weeds. The kids were immediately enticed to eat some of them calling their names.  The children ran to catch up with Paul and I, their hands  filled with these juicy, sun-ripened berries. They were just the burst of energy we needed as we entered the shadowing forest.

Inside the forest we found adorable treehouses, each cut out of a redwood trunk. We also learned how redwoods thrive and how old they truly can be!! Then we ventured over to the site we came to see; the drive thru tree! After our forest of fun, we bought our standard fridge magnet, a story book about the area (Sasquatch may be the main character), and some fun redwood pencils for the kids to use for school. 

On our walk back to the RV, the kids came up with a plan to gather more berries.  We used one of the paper sacks carrying our gift store purchases and used it to hold the berries aching to be picked and taken back to our RV for today’s snacking pleasure. 

Only one problem. Coronavirus. All of us had been touching gift store items and didn’t have clean hands . . . all except Curly Cook who had used their restroom and had clean hands!

So she did all the work and did a mighty fine job at that! 

While I chaperoned Curly Cook, the others packed up camp and then we hit the road. We loved driving to the freeway, for it took us through “Avenue of the Giants.” So exquisite and transcendent.  

Here are the highlights for the rest of our day: 

  • Pigging out on our spoils from this morning. 
  • Driving by the yellowest house I have ever seen! 
  • Writing in our travel books about what we really learned and experienced it the redwoods. 
  • Making a quick lunch while we patiently waited near the RV camp WiFi to download a digital library book. 
  • Treating Joy Boy’s sunburns for a second day. 
  • Celebrating that today’s travel time is only 5 hours long!!!!!!
  • Eureka, California reminds me of Ogden, Utah. 
  • I loved all the small towns we passed through while driving up the Oregon Coast to Coos Bay.
  • Enjoyed a seafood dinner at The Boat Fish & Chips.
  • Driving through the fog!!!! 

Hopes dashed when we went to find a place to sleep at the beach. Day Use Only signs. So instead we enjoyed a refreshing walk along the beach. 

Found a new place to sleep for the night at a Walmart with ALOT of other RV’rs. How lovely! 

Happy Thursday,


  • Allison

    I’ve never been to the Redwoods but you made it sound magical! We are going to have to make a trip out there!!

  • Samantha Harrison

    This is beautiful! I also agree with the fact that we can work from home and still have a productive and lovley time wiht our loved ones. Really inspiring to see more poeple fully integrated in this social matter. Thanks a lot 🙂

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