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RV Trip Day #9 – Oregon Coast Day Trip

Paul was freezing 🥶 last night. It got so cold for him that he turned on the propane heater and grabbed a wool blanket. This was at 3 am this morning. 
I’m even more exhausted today, because we woke up at 6:18 am to quickly drive over to Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area to catch the tide pools during low tide. I need to learn to take naps while driving!!! 
Here are some highlights from our day today:

  • Letting the kids sleep all morning while we drove, so just Paul and I could have some alone time together. 😴 
  • Taking in the resplendent beauty of an Oregon morning, complete with foggy dew. 🌾 🌫 
  • Exploring tide pools and finding so many colors of star fish, and other sea life. Also watching Joy Boy climb up and then “ski” down a huge sand dune!!! 🎿 
  • Enjoying older people waving at us as we drive by them. 🙋🏼‍♀️
  • Reading witty phrases written on signs and placed in yards along the scenic route. 🖍
  • VW caravan of 6 passing us. 🚙 
  • Surfers in the middle of a forest?!? 🏄 
  • Tunnels! 🔦 
  • Tsunami warning signs!! ⚠️ 
  • God Bless America signs and flags 🇺🇸 
  • Miles and miles of coastline. 🌊 
  • Pulling over at a pull-out and making brunch for the family. 🍳 
  • Letting the kids watch a movie on a Saturday morning. 🎥 
  • Having an indoor picnic lunch in the RV at the Astoria Marina, after taking a walk to a Maritime Memorial. ⛵️ 
  • Wishing our missionary a very Happy 20th Birthday!  🎁 
  • Visiting Fort Steven’s 👨🏻  
  • Getting said missionary one of his birthday gifts. 🧸 
  • GingerSnap making a dandelion crown. 👸🏻 
  • Someone in our family taking a quick break from driving so he could take a quick shower before our dinner plans for the night.
  • Our family thoroughly enjoying our time with one of Paul’s cousins and her adorable family!!! 💕

Now we are camping overnight in a “cement” RV park. Not what we would have liked but we are thankful non-the-less. Here’s to a good nights sleep. 

Happy Saturday, 

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  • Allison

    Yay!! Cape Kiwanda!!! I’m so glad you made it there!! I love the starfish and they are so colorful right?!? It sounds like you are enjoying all the sites possible and trying to have a positive attitude when things don’t go your way!! 😍

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