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RV Trip Day #11 – Our 1st Night Sleeping @ a Rest Stop . . . and Then a Flat Tire 😳

How to begin? With the truth. 

Plain and simple, we slept on the side of a busy freeway last night. 

Was I scared? Honestly . . . Yes, and no. 

Yes, because I didn’t know what to expect. No, because I actually felt more safe at the rest stop than I did the night before at the cement covered RV park that cost us $70. 

So the only option I had was to try it out. And you know what, we all liked it!!! We liked it so much, we didn’t leave until after noon. And then, when we were pulling out, we found a FREE dump station AND FREE water!!! Seriously!  What a blessing!  

So far on our journey, we have only paid for 2 RV sites and 1 dump station for 10 days of travel time. Yet we have slept somewhere each nice and used 6 dump stations. This is truly remarkable. 

Once we got onto the road, the ride was pretty smooth. The scenery reminded all of us of our drive through Nevada to Reno, but with more green and less wind. 

Along the way we contacted our son’s Mission office and asked permission to drop off a birthday package to him. A sweet Sister missionary offered to stop by the locked office and pick up the package for us. She was wonderful to work with, and she also mentioned that her son had served his mission in Costa Rica. Small world, no coincidences. 😉

We had planned to stay in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho tonight, just minutes from where our oldest son sleeps each night. But 30 minutes before we arrived in Spokane, one of our tires peeled giant pieces of tread off its surface. 

So, we are sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in Spokane until we can get the tires replaced tomorrow. Thankfully we called and got permission to sleep here because just like last night, we were told that RV boondocking in parking lots is not allowed in Washington state. Thankfully our situation gave us a pass, but we would still appreciate your prayers. 

RVing is a whole new world to our family! But no matter what we have faced, we feel the presence of God with us, encouraging us to get to Virginia. So with this kind of love, we must add our faith that He is there.

He is helping us. He does care that we are stranded and need help (in more ways than a bad tire). So the least I can do is to give Him my faith that He will help and how He helps us is what we really need most right now. 
God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son!  

Today’s Highlights:

  • Yesterday we drove by a Taco Time and Curly Cook flipped. She LOVES Taco Time. So we splurged and ate some today. It was a delicious lunch feast! 🌮 
  • While driving on Highway 90 to Spokane, the farmers had signs on their fences, telling passers-by what crops they were growing. We saw: sweet corn, grain corn, potatoes, beans, peas, Timothy (what is Timothy?), alfalfa, and wheat. It was SO COOL that they would help us connect with how and where our food grows. 🌽 🥔 🌾 
  • Italian Ice! Have you tried it? It is the perfect treat when you are hot and stuffy and there isn’t anything you can do to cool yourself down. 🍨 
  • We had a funny moment with Joy Boy today. As we checked out the shredded tire, he showed us that his shorts were ripping. After a bit of a tug, they too were in shreds. 🩳 
  • GingerSnap loved El Gringos photos today. So much so she edited our recent Lake Tahoe family photo to include him in it. Not bad GingerSnap.  📸 
  • Tonight was GingerSnap’s turn to choose our Family Night activity and treat. She chose Italian Ice and a game of Clue. My favorite part of the evening was ending the night with a song, a gospel discussion, and then family prayer. I am thankful for that normalcy in my life, when most everything else is unknown. 🙏🏻
  • After a full day, Paul and I sat down to enjoy a movie tonight. I don’t know the last time we watched a movie alone. Thanks for the big screen tv Chris! 📺 

And that was our day! Washington was pretty, but people in Seattle were not very friendly. They seemed overly stressed there.  We’ll see how Spokane treats us tomorrow, but I do look forward to going to Idaho next. Especially being in the area our son is serving in. Hopefully people there are a bit more friendly? 

Happy Monday, 


  • Allison

    Wow what a day! I’m sorry to hear about the shredded tire! I pray it can get fixed quickly 🙏🏻 I love the thought of the fields having signs saying what’s growing! I always try and guess! Enjoy today! ❤️❤️❤️

    • wendi

      Hi Rachel! Thanks for reading the blog and for your comments. We drove right past Laramie today and I thought and you and your family the entire time. I love you!

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